Tantric massage

This is the story about tantric massage… Tantra or tantrism is one of the varied Oriental esoteric traditions that teach how to use material desire for spiritual purposes. This doctrine is based on a set of writings called Tantra. According to tradition they were written by Buda (480-400 b.C.). However, other sources indicate that they were not written by Buda himself, but by mahasiddhas (great masters) later.

Tantra is neither a religion nor a dogma, but an attitude towards existence that emerges from meditation applying the concept of “no mind, no time”, as an access where eternity is touched. It is the expansion of the senses, total being and being present.

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What is Tantric massage?

Hindus describe Tantra as a process to achieve personal growth through pleasure. Tantric massage is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your health improves. Therefore, it is a massage that tends to seek pleasure and can cause an orgasm. Although it is not the main goal. It is a kind of massage that aims to heal, what their followers call “awaken kundalini energy” in an intimate environment and as a way to meditate in your own body and that of your partner.

Unlike the erotic massage, orgasm and ejaculation are not the main goal of this massage. In a tantric massage the most important thing is the energy generated in the root chakra, which if managed correctly can lead the couple to a state of fullness and consciousness that Yogis call Samadhi. In fact, the containment of ejaculation is one of the keys of this practice. For it Tantra teaches us many techniques that will help us achieve it.

Spirituality in tantric massages

In Tantric massage, spirituality is experienced in the body and with uniqueness consciousness, therefore the massage gives the possibility to experience a state of individual pleasure through the “quick way” with the help of the therapist. The body is considered sacred like a temple, a supreme expression of divinity.

It has been a few years since tantric massage is practiced in our country, and people are getting closer to it every time to find out all the benefits that it offers, seeking to feel new sensations, get out of the routine and monotony of relationships or even their own life; and why not? Open a wide range of new sexual experiences. Tantric massage works the whole body with its different erogenous areas, not only the genital area.

They keys to truly enjoy a tantra sensual massage would be, in the first place, accept yourself and the other just the way they are. If you cannot accept yourself as you are then you will not enjoy life and everything that Tantra massage can offer you. Secondly, at the time of the massage should you be ready with your five senses, if you are, you will enjoy much better and more successfully, experiencing feelings never experienced before in a much higher intensity. And finally, reach balance, i.e., matching your energy and rhythm with others in order to flow harmonically.

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All you need to know about Tantra

The Sanskrit word “tantra” means something that stretches. The practice of Tantra is the warp in which we weave all the practices of Sutra. “Stretching” is also in the sense of an endless continuity through time without beginning or end. In general this refers to our own mental continuity, the continuity of our experience our life, individual and subjective. Tantra became famous in the XI and XII centuries. It is considered a type of philosophy of life that uses sexual energy to connect with oneself. It is practiced in different countries such as India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia and Nepal.

The practice of Tantra has its own variants within Hinduism, Buddhism and other beliefs. In Buddhism, Tantra is seen as the fastest way to achieve enlightenment. However, Hinduism emphasizes male and female energies which incorporate through Tantra, reaching absolute pleasure and elevation at the same time.

Philosophy of a lifestyle

In Tantra philosophy and everything within it, often is spoken about its goal… Which is to enhance sensitive capability of people.

Connecting the mind with the body being able to know and feel.

Tantra massages have been much linked to the sexual aspect of people. Although the massage really tries to go far beyond this level. What it seeks is that our mind really learns to feel. This type of massages has more than 5000 years of practice and evolution as they have been used by many cultures for many centuries. What they were looking to achieve with Tantric massages was to activate the energy that we carry inside and is asleep, this way, through meditation, relaxation and the activation of the body by the couple, it was possible to achieve a better experience, being able to feel more and enjoy the feelings awakened by contact without sex.

Neotantra or Modern Tantra

Neotantra or Modern Tantra is a pseudo-philosophy developed in the West. It can be defined as the use of some ancient knowledge of original Tantra. But combined with other techniques and modern knowledge. As it is different in some important aspects related to Traditional Tantra, the denomination “Neotantra” is applied. Its function is to help people in their personal growth and spiritual development, as well as in physical, sexual and psychological healing of the practitioners. It emerged last century and it is very popular in the West where it is common to use the word Tantra to refer to Modern Tantra.

With the discovery of the handling of sexual energy and other Tantric concepts such as devolution/return and the rituals, mixed with modern therapies, very deep transformations are produced in the practitioners in a short period of time.

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Modern Tantra is not an ancient tradition, it is not a therapy, it is not a religion, it is an integral and holistic path that helps us bring attention into our inner side instead of getting lost in what is happening around us; it is a system of self-knowledge and inner spiritual transformation. It helps us to become aware of our own nature as well as heart openness which leads to feeling true love and sexual ecstasy, perhaps the biggest and most intense we have ever felt before.

Neotantra is based in part on a complete sexual education without taboos or dogmas or any other conditioning of the past or present that prevent living sexuality in a natural, healthy and benefitting way. It is the use of sexual energy for evolutionary purpose.

Some of the basic concepts of transforming sexual act into meditation

  • Love.
  • Visual contact.
  • Mental openness.
  • Purification of chakras.
  • Slow, deep and conscious breathing.
  • Go slowly without any hurry.
  • Energy handling.
  • Control of ejaculation.
  • Eliminate thoughts.
  • Orgasm is not a goal.
  • Body awareness.
  • Spiritual awareness.
  • Sensibility.
  • Relaxation.
  • Meditation.
  • Sexual healing..
  • Union of sexuality and spirituality.

The practitioners of Modern Tantra seek happiness, liberation, harmony, all this through daily spiritual practice. All this helps to connect with the body, to calm the mind and not allow it to be busy in present concerns or obsessions of the future. We increase and learn to move the energy, the prana, to channel it where necessary, providing health and vitality to our entire body. Learning the art of transmuting sexual energy demands willpower, mental openness and break with everything that we have learned or been taught so far.

The path of Tantra is a way of unlimited growth. A take of deep and constant consciousness of here and now. With Tantra you understand that sexuality and spirituality can go together, and that it is more important how than why of the things we do and live.

If you want to be happy maybe you need to change your priorities. Otherwise do not expect your life to change. When you start to invest time in yourself, in the energy of self-discovery, and physical, mental and spiritual self-empowerment you start slowly to feel and understand where and what true Love is.