It was the first time I had an erotic massage, I was thinking about it for a long time and was hard to take the decision, so I finally tried it. I heard about Luxor as a great professional massage center where there are a lot of different therapists and that I would definitely feel great, so I called to make an appointment. I was so nervous, and when I arrived my therapist received me, a very handsome guy, very nice and kind who made me feel calm from the first moment. We talked for a while and he explained how the massage would be. He saw my fears and nervousness, and I could see he had a lot of experience, and was not the first woman that went under the same conditions. So, we went to the living room and started the massage. He was always caring and wanted me to feel comfortable, and so it was. Honestly I managed to disconnect and let myself go to live a world of incredible feelings, gratifying and pleasant. For me, it was all about discovering, I never imagined an erotic massage would make me feel so good, and I was surprised about what the human body can offer when well stimulated. I would go back soon.

Diana S.,

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