Thai body to body massages

Massage in the eyes of most people is like every other thing in life. This is because looking at it on the surface, it is a simple concept which just anyone can do and get result. However, it is not always the case especially if you are taking a look at it deeply. Massage is different in the sense that it utilizes different skills, techniques and beliefs which is why there are different types of massages that are available today. The different types of massage all perform different functions using different techniques as a well as the different tools to achieve different results.

The history of massage suggests that it has been around for a period considered to be over 3,000 years. Massage is said to have originated from the Asian continent but then it has spread to all over the world. However, the western world has transformed the art to solve different needs other than the initial needs from the traditional massage. Massage has changed a lot in today’s world especially in liberal societies like Spain where it has been adapted for fun, incredible pleasure and used in the pursuit for maximum satisfaction.

Many types of massages exist and the choice at any particular time of a person will largely depend on what they would like to achieve at that point. It could be for relaxation, for pleasure or for some physical release, the receiver will decide will decide what they want and go for the type of massage that fits into their demands. One of the major roles of massage is to ensure that energy is balanced which is one way to help a person live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Body massage is normally done by an experienced professional who is well trained to handle a person’s body in such a way that can generate maximum ecstasy. Massage especially in the eyes of the liberal western world is no longer seen as an indulgence but it is a therapy that displaces bad energy while replacing with good energy that help optimizes the body functions. Some types of massage include relax express massage, sensual massage, body to body massage, four-hand massage and Olympus massage. In addition, there is the bondage massage, massage with erotic toys, whip massage and fetish massage. Note that both single and couple can get massage if they want and it can be done at a massage center or by a partner.

Body to body massage is one of the most popular types of massage especially in the liberal western world. It boats of a lot of advantages.

For example, thai body to body massages can help in the loosening of the muscles in order for them to relax and fall into place. It can go a step further by offering tantric massages like yoni, lingam as well as prostrate massages. In fact, it is important to understand that a Body to body massage can be very erotic and intense in such a way that gives you an unlimited flow of pleasure. This kind of massage can be done by one’s partner if they are up to the task or by a professional therapist but note that it remains one of the perfect ways to give partners in love a beautiful treat. The sensual combination of the body contacts and the touch will not just offer relaxation but will have the receiver writhing in anticipation.

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Thai Body2Body Massage

Thai massage has a history that dates back to Shivago Komarpaj who is the founder. The knowledge of this kind of massage has been passed down to generation and that is why it is still very relevant today. However, one important thing that must be noted here is that Thai massage differ in techniques and this is depends largely on the country you are.

In Thailand and some other conservative countries, this kind of massage lay more emphasis on the energy lines which are the pressure points.

However, in a much liberal society, Thai massage has a body to body component of the massage. It is important to note that body2body massage is quite different from a lot of other types of massage but what it is meant to achieve remains the same with other types of erotic and sensual massages. This kind of massage is different in the sense that it is done using different tools and procedures when compared to some of the other types of massage.

Thai Body-to-Body Massage Technique

Thai Body to Body massages use a combination of the hands and body during the massage session. What it means is that in a body to body massage, there is a need to use a combination of full body massage with the use of the hands and also a massage using the body. It is important to note that the massager can use both their hands and different parts of their bodies to carry out the massage activities but the most important thing is to do it with the right technique and creativity.

The good thing is that there are a lot of places in Madrid where body to body massage can be received for anyone that is interested. Whether single or couple, there is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy what body to body massage offers. The massage centers are equipped with the right tools, techniques as well as well-trained therapists who have become experts in this type of massage.

Thai body to body massage in addition to the pleasure it offers also has a way of relieving muscular tensions, improving and increasing flexibility of the joints as well as improve breathing. In addition, the technique adopted in a Thai body to body massage also has a way of increasing the blood circulation as well as boasting the immune system.

Thai girl massage in Madrid

Thai Body to Body Massages For Couples

It is important to note that body-to-body massage can be done by couples themselves or by professional therapists at any good massage center in Madrid. If done by couples, it is important that the couples understand the techniques and possess the skills to actually make it worthwhile. When thai body to body massage is to be done by the couples themselves, it is always advisable that the couples take care of their body first by cleaning, taking a shower and relaxing themselves.

In fact, one of the advice given to couples is to always take their showers together as part of the preparation for a B2B Massage.

The version of the initial Thai massage especially the type done in Asia does not actually require a massage oil but this is not that case for Thai body to body massage in Madrid. Massage oil is very important part of the whole process and that is why it is very important for couples to invest in the right massage oils. Note that deep massage oil will provide a deep muscle relaxation and this will make the movement of the body and hands glide smoothly across the entire skin.

How can Couples Perform This Massage

To do this sort of massage, couples can begin with a rubbing hand massage on the receiver’s body. This requires using the hands right over the body like the arm, neck and leg while massaging them gently to deliver a full relaxing massage. As part of the massaging process, the couples are expected to apply the right massage oil on their body as this would help it glide smoothly and offer a soothing and relaxing feeling. This kind of massage requires couple to rub their bodies with the help of the massage oil mimicking love making activity. It is expected that one of the partners who is the giver should rub their well-oiled body on the other partner who is the receiver and they can interchange as soon and often as they want or comfortable with.

Women can massage their partner with their breast in a romantic and sensual way.

They can actually do that by gliding the breast right across the partner’s whole body from the chest to legs and even over their shaft and back. This could produce a very unbelievable sensual feeling for the partner as the sensation from the nipple is felt right across the skin. For instance, a woman’s soft body pressure which pushes against his body gives a relaxing effect of massage while the erotic sensation of the nipples and breasts makes the body2body massage a very interesting and sensual delight for the couples.

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Thai Body to Body Massages in a Massage Center

This kind of massage can also be done in a massage center. In fact, a good massage center offers a lot more advantages or benefits to the receiver. The reason is that they have the best and well trained therapists who have mastered the art of B2B Massages with years of experience. In addition, massage done in good massage centers tend to be better because of the better equipment and environment it offers.

Do not forget that Thai body-to-body massage is a lot different than the traditional Thai massage in the sense that it is quite erotic and as such must be done in a very secured and comfortable environment. For this reason, massage centers offer the best possible place for body to body massage. Like mentioned earlier, couples can do this type of massage on their own and in this case it can be done right from the comfort of their bedroom.

There is nothing wrong in that but if you want a professional touch, them there is no doubt that getting a body to body massage in a massage center is a good idea.

Madrid is one of the biggest cities in Europe and it is known for fun and enjoyment. It is the capital of Spain and like other cities in Western Europe, Madrid is a liberal city. This makes Madrid a place to be if you want to catch some fun. When it comes to massage centers, it is right to say that Madrid is one of the best places boasting of a large concentration of massage centers.

Thai body to body massages in Madrid

B2B Massage Centers in Madrid

There are quite lot of massage centers in Madrid offering all kinds of massage services from Tantric massage, fetish massage, sensual massage among others. While most of these massage centers are good one of the massage centers that stands out in this regard is known as Luxor Madrid. This massage center is one of the best in Madrid and a comfortable place to get a good Thai body2body massage.

Luxor Madrid boasts of thoroughbred professional therapists who are well equipped to take you around the world of ecstasy through the Thai body to body massages. Luxor Madrid therapists can do the body to body massage perfectly using their whole body from their breasts, hands, legs, forearms, abdomen, and even buttocks in order to give the receiver the best possible sensation and pleasure.

This type of massage is an erotic massage and one of its requirement is having a perfect environment. Luxor Madrid offers this perfect environment and it is located in as serene and classy neighborhood which makes perfect sense especially for people who want to be discrete. It is important to mention that Luxor Madrid therapists are professional and carry out their jobs professionally without attaching strings. For this reason, there is no explicit sex in Luxor Madrid massage options. However, fun and satisfaction is guaranteed without crossing the boundaries.

Massage is very good because without it, it becomes difficult to get rid of tension and body pains especially for a city like Madrid with a lot of activities. However, if you want to experience Thai body to body massages in Madrid, there are top notch massage centers and Luxor Madrid is one of them.