Yoni massage

Tantra has a beautiful practice which is the massage of the sexual organs both male and female. In this case we will talk about female organs with Yoni massage. Yoni is the Sanskrit name of the vagina and it means “Sacred Temple”, for which it is obvious how this concept results much more respectful and practical than Western.

Performing Yoni massage is an incomparable Tantric experience. Its purpose is not the orgasm, although, of course, it is not something to be despised during the massage. Also, if it happens during the Yoni massage it will be more complete, pleasant and satisfying. But for this massage to be totally satisfying, a total mental release is necessary, to open the mind to a new kind of sexuality, unknown to Western mentality.

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How is a Yoni massage?

Yoni massage means that women relax and truly enjoy the desire to awaken all senses. It is a truly fantastic experience for women who have traumas or prejudices that limit their sexual will of feeling pleasure. This Tantric practice helps to release many tensions, so the woman is the owner of her own body and the man respects her, since the man is observing and that would be his only reason of satisfaction because there is no retribution, he will only be looking at the pleasure of the woman, forgetting his own desire. This practice breaks selfishness that many times affects Western men.

In Tantric massage it is important not to forget that most sexual activities are interpreted and understood as rituals, and just as any ritual they need preparation. It is essential to receive this massage in a suitable atmosphere with appropriate music, candles, incense, cushions, aromas and much time.

The massage must begin gradually with hugs, caresses, recognition of the bodies to create a feeling of security, tranquility and disinhibition. First, parts of the body such as legs, arms, back, breast, and groins must be caressed to then get closer to the Sacred Temple, for the woman to get used to the idea of being caressed and assimilate the slowly increasing pleasure.

Just be open to live this experience. Nothing more and nothing less.

How is a Yoni Massage in Madrid

The word yoni is said to be the Sanskrit word for vagina and this is often translated as “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Passage” or even “temple”. The difference between this kind of massage when compared to others is that it tends to approach the vagina from the point of love and respect. Yoni massage is then a means of honouring the women. It is important to note that yoni massage is both erotic and sensual making it very pleasurable but the gaol of this kind of massage is never to bring the woman to orgasm. However, the goal is rather to awaken the woman of her own sexuality in order to generate the bond of love, intimacy and trust with her partner.

Yoni massage for women is therefore massaging of the vagina which is considered to be sacred and an area that is worshipped in the woman’s body.

Yoni massage normally goes beyond the pure physical touch and the goal is for the receiver and the giver to connect in such a way that gives the receiver the opportunity to relax while getting satisfaction and happiness. There is actually nothing wrong in having some sexual arousal and orgasm during a yoni massage as it can be considered as part of the side effect but as mentioned above, the goal is not to get an orgasm but for the woman to learn about their sensuality and sexuality and awaken her sexual energy.

Who Benefits from Yoni Massage?

Some women have lost the ability to control their sexual response. The reason for this could be rape or women who have experienced inappropriate touching or those that are having sexual partners that love taking things too far and fast. It is possible that some of these women may move fast these ugly experiences and come back to normal but it is also possible that some may suffer a permanent disconnection of their sexuality and their bodies.

These women tend to benefit from Yoni massage because it helps them start trusting their partners again and help them also to regain control over their sexuality.

However, apart of survivors of sexual traumas benefiting from yoni massage, other women can also benefit from it. All women no matter their sexual history can benefit from female yoni massage and for couples, the men can also benefit by understanding their partners body and sexual response. At the end it is a win-win situation for couples.

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Why is Orgasm not the Goal?

In yoni massage, orgasm is not the goal but it is can also be a product of the massage and this is not in any way a bad thing. The reason why the focus should not be about orgasm is that the massage will just be about the orgasm and nothing more. This means that the person may even ignore the body language of the receiver and do whatever necessary to make sure that orgasm is achieved.

Another thing to consider about it is the issue of patience. For instance, if they goal is just about orgasm then there is a possibility that both the giver and the receiver may rush things up to achieve orgasm which is the goal. However, it is important to understand that in yoni massage, the most important thing is not actually to reach the destination but to experience the whole journey and enjoy it no matter how long it takes.

What are the Roles of the Participants?

In Yoni massage, the woman actually needs to be comfortable and trust that the most intimate part of her body would be graciously handled. The giver is expected to listen to her body language for clues. Note that there are women who are vocal during yoni massage while some others may not be vocal. Therefore, it should be the duty of the giver to actually ask some certain questions, observe facial expression, breathing pattern, watch body language and encourage the women to be open.

On the part of the women, it is expected that they open up and communicate their feelings in the most honest way. Good communication during the process is beneficial both to the giver and the receiver in the sense that women will understand that they have absolute control of their sexuality despite being touched by someone else. In yoni massage, it is important that the giver and receiver monitor their breathing so as not to hold their breath or even shallow breathing.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

There are a lot of benefits that come with Tantra yoni massage as seen below: .

  1. One important benefit is that it helps in breaking down the blockages and then releases the toxins so as to increase the rate of blood flow to the organs.
  2. There is an increased blood flow and this is what helps in the release of more hormones easily which leads to the stimulating the brain and sexual functioning.
  3. Yoni massage provides healthy hormonal balance and what this does is to help in protecting against some health related problems like decreased libido, poor circulation, back pain memory loss, painful mensuration, impotence, lower back pain, painful intercourse, difficult urination and may also help in female ejaculation.
  4. Yoni massage will also provide the woman the ability to become more sexually aroused quicker and fully as well as experiencing orgasm through sexual intercourse.
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Preparing for a Yoni Massage

Like a Lingam massage, getting a successful Yoni massage will start from the preparation and this is why it is important to get the preparation right.

Not getting the preparation right can ruin the whole experience and make it unattractive. However, the first step will be to create a very relaxing environment. In addition, it is also important to create a safe and soothing space. This is very important because it has the potential of making or breaking the whole experience.

The importance of creating a soothing space is that it allows or the total relaxation of the woman as well as allow her become open to receiving an unlimited pleasure. To create the required space, the following are the key elements.

Understanding the Intention

It is important to have both the giver and receiver in a very relaxed mood and have their intention aligned totally. It is also very essential for both the receiver and the giver to fully understand that this kind of massage is not really about getting to the finish line. In this case, there shouldn’t be any judgement of the body or yourself. However, what yoni massage is expected to do is to actually give the woman the opportunity in learning how they can open up their inner channel in such a way that allows their emotions and feelings connected at deeper level to take total control of their sexuality.

Get Correct Space and Temperature

The importance of creating the right kind of space is to ensure that the people involved in this massage leave all their worries behind and then focus on the task at hand. In this kind of massage, it is not bad to use some kind of romantic music and attractive lightening to add to the ambience and space. The right temperature is also important because it helps both the giver and the receiver to relax properly. For instance, if the giver or receiver is too cold or hot, they may not relax and this could ruin the experience.

Retune the Mindset and Assure Safety

The truth is that it is never easy for someone to get entirely naked and have their genitals massage by another person especially if the massage is done at a massage center by professional therapists. It may be easier when it is done by the partner but the receiver could still be shy. This is because for a lot of women, this could be the first time of getting touched in such a manner and this could be lead to tension at first.

In fact, a lot of women get confused or even embarrassed on how to act or even react during a yoni massage.

What is required is that the giver be patient and understanding enough to allow him the time to adjust, comprehend and learn to let go. It is important to understand that when the space is created and everything has fallen in place, the yoni massage can be slowly initiated in what is called the warm up stage. In most cases, it may not be a wise decision to jump into the yoni massage immediately rather it may be best to start with a full body massage in order for the woman to open and get the tense muscles released plus getting the energy flowing.

Get the Right Massage Oil

As part of the yoni massage preparation, It is important to get the right massage oil. Note that massage oils are an integral part of yoni massage and getting it right is part of the preparation to a successful massage experience. A lot of oils are available but not all can be used as massage oil. For example, you can use warm oil as it feels good to the skin.

When it comes to getting the right massage oil, note that the coconut oil is the most recommend. A little warming of the oil before massage is advisable. To warm the massage oil, you can simply place it in a bowl of hot water but do not allow it to be too hot else it could burn the skin and spoil the whole massage process.

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Giving a Yoni Massage


Like mentioned earlier, preparation has to be top notch to achieve the goal of a yoni massage. It may be good to ensure that the receiver empties their bladder as part of the preparation to avoid any form of discomfort in the process. The receiver should lie properly, on her back, with pillows in places that help her avoid discomfort. Note that yoni massage can be done whether on the bed, table or any place that is comfortable.


Breathing is important throughout the massage session. For instance, what is required is a deep, relaxed but slow breathing by both the receiver and the giver. If the receiver starts breathing shallow at any point in the massage, it is the duty of the giver to call her attention to it.

The Massage

Start gradually by massaging the whole body at first. You can massage the leg, breast, stomach and thighs through the use of some creative circular strokes. This would allow the giver and the receiver to relax and explore. At this point, it is important to maintain an eye contact during the process.

Yoni Massage Proper

This is the main massage and this is why all techniques should be applied. With the right massage oil, pour just a little at the yoni and allow it to drip down both sides. Slowly begin to massage the outside of the yoni, squeeze the outer lips in the process but do it gently. Keep an eye contact and watch the body language of the receiver to know when to repeat and increase the pleasure. At this point, be creative and ensure that you follow the lead of the receiver.

Where to Get a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage can be performed from one partner to another but it can also be done in a professional massage centers by massage therapists trained to give this kind of massage. Some men also go through short coursers that intend to teach them how to do a yoni massage on their partners.

There are good massage centers where you can get yoni massage especially in Europe. For instance, in places like Madrid, you can find massage centers that offer this service. Luxor Madrid is one of such places where quality Yoni massage can be experienced. They have professional therapists trained to give the best pleasure to customers.

Remember the goal of yoni massage is not actually to have orgasm even though it could come and this is why there is no explicit sex in massage centres like Luxor Madrid when performing yoni massage. Yoni massage is made to be enjoyed at the end.