Music and Tantra

At the time of creating the appropriate atmosphere to enjoy the incredible experience of Tantric massage, we must consider many factors to achieve our goal during the massage: smelling, touching, looking, imagining, dreaming, desiring and feeling. As important as achieving a tenuous atmosphere of meditation with soft handmade incense aromas, essences and oils, it is…
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We always talk about sexuality and sex from a sensitive, emotional, physical point of view… But today we will talk about what happens in our body from the neurochemical point of view. Orgasm is generally seen as the last goal of recreational sex. Wilhelm Reich was the first scientist to describe nature and the purpose…
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Erotic massages, the art of caresse

Since we come out of our mother’s womb, people demand physical contact. Absolutely every person needs to be hugged, kissed, caressed… but it is not only a necessity for babies, it is also for the rest of the people every moment of our lives. Human beings need contact with other beings, both with the air…
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